4° edition from 10st to 16th August 2015

Well aware that the Swiss mountains are one of the broadest and richest natural environments in the world, as well as a fruitful economic, cultural and touristic region, the Association International Festival of Cinema, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pontresina, decided to launch the ‘Swiss Mountain Film Festival’ in August 2014.

The aim of this Italo-Swiss project is to pay a tribute to the mountain areas of Switzerland and of the whole world, that is to the so-called Highlands of the World.

The Filmfestival
‘Swiss Mountain Film Festival’ is addressed to all those directors who have chosen the mountain as the main subject of their cinematographic works, paying particular attention to its landscapes and to the culture and traditions of its people.

The competition is open to all films and documentaries having the
highlands of the world, and especially alpinism, as their main subject.

The aim is to dedicate a whole week to the cinema and the mountain, a combination of two passions which will create a unique and unmissable event.

A special section of the contest

As a tribute to the High Lands of the world par exellence, the edition
2014 of Swiss Mountain Film Festival will dedicate a whole section of
the contest to films set in Tibet or Nepal, with their landscapes, their
people, their history, their fascinating culture and traditions.

Special Prize for the best Swiss Film
As a tribute to the wonderful Nation which houses the Festival, at the
end of the edition of this year, a special prize of the Jury will be given
to the best Swiss film (Swiss director or film production company).

The Photofestival
is open to all amateur photographers, photography lovers and professional photographers.
Photography, an amazing way to fix with a simple click a magic moment, that will last forever.

The Contest has only one section dedicated to the mountain, paying
particular attention to its landscapes and to the culture and traditions
of its people.

"World Nature"
In 2014 "World nature" was born and in 2015 there will be the second edition: it's the unique digital photo exhibition on a high-definition screen.


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